Simon McGarr

Simon McGarr

Hello, Gist reader.

I'm Simon, and I write the Gist.

I'm a lawyer with McGarr Solicitors in Dublin, and the managing director of Data Compliance Europe, a global consultancy on GDPR and data protection matters. I'm a Senior Advisor for M3AAWG and a guest lecturer with the European Academy of Law in Trier as well as the External Examiner for the Law Society of Ireland on Data Protection.

I have represented clients in both the landmark Digital Rights Ireland and Schrems I cases before the Grand Chamber of the Court of Justice of the EU.

I recently republished the 1969 book Sit Down and Be Counted, by Jack Dowling, Lelia Doolan and Bob Quinn on tensions within RTE, and between the broadcaster and the government, for its 50th anniversary. I promise I did not then stage the largest publicity stunt in history.