Birmingham bombs, Gorillas, Clery's,

Birmingham bombs, Gorillas, Clery's,

Birmingham Bombs
The Birmingham pub bombings from the 1970s are going to be looked at again, as they are now an official error so the UK State can acknowledge that. Who knows, maybe it will turn out a dead person was to blame.

Gorillas (deceased)
A faraway zoo shot a gorilla the other day because a child fell into its pen and they didn't want the child to die. And in our own Dublin zoo, the big sad eye'd male gorilla, Henry, died of gorilla sickness. So, like Cecil lions before them, zoo gorillas are a thing for the next little bit. There's even a photo of a cloud that looks like a gorilla on Facebook. So, don't go on facebook.

Labour... Reopen Clerys?
There was a vote in the Dáil and now Brendan Howlin has finally passed the law he always wanted but never could when in Government. And the 2nd most powerful Minister at Cabinet. It's something about employment law and Clerys.

Foreign While Pregnant
Another foreign lady died during a problem pregnancy in one of our maternity hospitals, which would make you feel a bit off. Maybe go looking at that gorilla cloud pic on Facebook after all.

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