Campaign Gist: Jesus H. Christ, so much trivia

Campaign Gist: Jesus H. Christ, so much trivia

Day 10 of the Campaign and there are signs that cabin fever is setting in the central campaigns and the press pack alike.

Are you all on Drugs?
Yesterday's debate was such a non-event that the only thing that could be found to latch onto was the (repeated) admission that the Taoiseach had some drugs about 20 years ago. It was embarrassing to watch and we can only hope it goes away. Sadly, this being FG's campaign, they decided to pour lava on the fire by announcing he'd be going to an anti-drugs rally in Drogheda.

A reminder that the Taoiseach is the head of the Executive of the State, which comes with its own police force.

Coalition Fantasy Football
When there's nothing happening, I guess you've got to write some stuff about something. So the other non-event from the debate was the suggestion that FF and FG could go into government together. As this completely won't happen ever because FF is not actually insane (as evidenced by the fact that they didn't fall for this sucker move after the last election) we may as well play ourselves out for the day with that old voter favourite while experiencing an election campaign, with One Hour of Fart Sounds- Over 1000 farts .

Oh, Just one more thing....
Some children's lives will take a radically different path depending on the outcome of this election. Some of us- and we don't know which yet- will have something happen where their life will hang in the balance depending on who is in power. Decades ago, Noel Browne's TB programme altered the course of vast numbers of people's lives. There are people alive now because their parents didn't die of TB.

A day of trivia in a campaign does not mean that our democracy is trivial. We are going to do things (sometimes terrible things) with our votes that will change our lives and the lives of the people we know. It would be nice if a decision that size wasn't squeezed through the narrow tubes of pantomime horse-race yap.

Pantomime Horses

Photo CC TaylorHerring
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