Campaign Gist: Posters, Posers, Mass Disenfranchisement

Campaign Gist: Posters, Posers, Mass Disenfranchisement

It’s the Gist! In an election! So it’s the Campaign Gist!
Shorter and more ruthlessly selective than ever.

Fizzogs on lampposts mean only one thing- post-revolutionary terror and hangings from the street furniture. Unless it’s an election, in which case we are treated to lovely photos of our increasingly incongruously smooth candidates.
As usual, the appearance of these posters provoked calls to ban posters, an issue which can be advanced at any time in the electoral cycle but is only proposed at the exact time it can be classed as Too Late.

No not the candidates. Election campaigns bring out the soft, mushroomy layer of society’s man-mulch who want to tell you about their insights into the deep games being played in elections. Everything is a distraction from the real thing, everyone is signalling, or referring or appealing to some bloc or other. And our man can see through it all.

Never explained is how the people the man derides as clueless wildebeest during the Dáil term become amalgams of Machiavelli and Moriarty the moment the President hears a the dogs barking at the figure on the doorstep.

Pay no heed.

Mass Disenfranchisement
Most parties make plans to Get Out The Vote. But, whether by accident or design, Fine Gael have gone one further and Got Out The Voters- an entire year of new voter registrations will only take effect 7 days after the election.

Just so we all know where we stand.
More tomorrow!

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