GSOC'd, Irish Fans, Popping Pill Prices

GSOC'd, Irish Fans, Popping Pill Prices

If it’s a Friday afternoon, then it must be a difficult report being released from the Department of Justice. This one was the first inquiry of its sort into whether GSOC did things correctly after a lady died in a road traffic accident and before a Garda they had been investigating died in station.

Chunks of the report have been held back, but from what we can see the answer to the question posed above is, ‘not really but also the law wasn’t what it should have been anyway’.

Irish Fans
Still gas.

Popping Pill Prices
The HSE can just decide to pay less for drugs, apparently. It says it will unless the drug companies lower their prices. The companies don’t want to lower them all that much. Hardly surprising.
It does make one wonder why the HSE didn’t just do this since it got the power in 2013.

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