Guards, Some sort of EU Water thing, Babies

Guards, Some sort of EU Water thing, Babies

Garda Numbers
The Minister for Justice says she'll give more stuff to the police in a bit over gangs and maybe even more police, but not for years. She also wishes we'd stop asking her hard questions about them.

Europe Water Thing
Some sort of thing where the EU Commission guys say we have to pay water charges but maybe they're wrong.

Nice news story- Jack and Emily are the top Irish names. Jack's a good one, though no idea where all the Emilies are coming from. Maybe something on TV. Anyway this is all over the place and you can trot it out at the water cooler without upsetting anyone.

Unlike the the other story, which is about babies dying in Cavan hospital. This is getting less play and is probably more important.

That's your news in Gist.