Lightning, Court Reports, Abroad

Lightning, Court Reports, Abroad

Basically, the main thing you need to know from the news to speak to you fellow humans is that a fella was hit by lightning and that he's alive and hopefully going to recover fully. This is everyone's chance to dust off their personal favourite struck by lightning stories, whether over-determined golfers or unscathed- but vaguely specified- stories of unscathed relatives.

Court reports
The doings of the CCJ continue to serve the same purposes for the newspaper trader they have had since the 19tg Century.

England staggers forward toward a Referendum on staying in or leaving the EU, without a clear mental image of what either means. (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are all crystal clear on it, by contrast). Polls suggest it's tight, but there's good reason to think UK poll companies have no idea how to make their sample data representative, given the lack of a good sized corpus of previous UK-wide referenda to work from.

Little Englanders appear not to have noticed their dreams all involve basically repudiating human rights and other checks on the Exwcutive's power just at the moment the Executive has proved itself so incompetent it declaered a plan to hold an avoidable referendum that posed an existential threat to Britian's place in the world.

Some Little Englanders:

Little Englanders, pictured today