*Morning Edition* Football, England's Nervous Breakdown, US Sit-In

*Morning Edition* Football, England's Nervous Breakdown, US Sit-In

Ireland won against Italy. We get to play again!
Irish Fan Status: Still gas. Also, checking on their phones how you apply for a loan from the credit union.

England’s Nervous Breakdown
The people of the increasingly-misnamed United Kingdom go to the polls to experience a pleasure well familiar to the Irish. They get to vote in a referendum. This referendum, being an example of Folly that a connoisseur of the inexplicable misjudgments of people in power could savour for years, has proceeded in a civilised and respectful way in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Meanwhile, England has been suffering a nervous breakdown. Fascism has been stoked and voiced in the mainstream. There has been murder on the streets. Decades of irrational hostility to the EU has bloomed into an outburst of formless, meaningless screams of rage by people who feel they ought to be be able to do as they please, unhampered by rules of civilised behaviour or other people’s rights. What I’m saying here is, if you’re reading this and have a say, quickly go out and vote Remain.

While we wait for the unknowable outcome, remember that the UK polling companies have no corpus of nationwide referenda data to identify and correct statistical artefacts in their raw data and so, in all likelihood, where results look close, your guess is as good as theirs.

US Sit-In
Democrats in Congress decided to stage a Sit-In on the floor of the House of Representatives to demand a vote on a law to stop people on terrorist watch lists from buying guns.

The Republicans turned off the TV cameras, and the telly stations reporting switched to broadcasting live video streams from Democrats' phones, thereby suddenly handing control of the images to the protest.

As I say, it has been a big week for Folly.