NAMA, Hillary v Trump, Fog

NAMA, Hillary v Trump, Fog

The NAMA Annual Report has been released and, good news!, everything is awesome.

NAMA is something something 20,000 new houses as well as in some way going to make a giant profit to make us all rich again at the end. All the jam will arrive every other day.

Oddly, not addressed in the Annual Report is that ongoing rumble from Northern Ireland. But then, as we know, by appearing in a corporate document the good news is official news while that stuff is just a background hum.

Hillary vs Trump

Trump, as is his wont, was complaining recently that the judge hearing the class action case against Trump University was Mexican. When it was pointed out he was American, Trump dug in. He was of Mexican decent, the oversized homunculus guffed, and this was a conflict which should prevent him hearing Trump related litigation, as Trump wanted to wall off Mexico.

Trump later expanded this line of non-thought to say no Muslim judge could hear a case involving him either. By extrapolation, any judge possessed of an interest in anything other than Trump should be disqualified.

I mention Hillary because she's pretty much sealed the deal on the nomination and she's probably going to have to wade through miles of this stuff.

What's with all the water droplets, huh? Delaying Gist deliveries and airplanes alike.