Terrible people, Football, A friend of Ireland

Terrible people, Football, A friend of Ireland

Terrible people
"Let's see if we can turn these freshly killed murder victims to our own personal rhetorical advantage." - Terrible people.

A day after mass murder of revellers in a gay nightclub in Orlando by a homophobic abusive man with a violent fantasy life that had him investigated by the FBI who could just buy some guns when he felt like it, and terrible people were trying to turn the event to their advantage.

It's all exactly the cesspit of homophobe distortion, NRA denial and Trump you'd imagine so feel free to fill in the details yourself.

Decent sorts showed solidarity around the world too, because the species isn't irredeemable or anything.

THERE IS FOOTBALL. I like international tournaments and the Euros in particular, but we all know I am not going to be the go-to source on this.

A friend of Ireland
Something quite unusual happened today- it probably won't make headlines anywhere, but could shape the development of society. The US federal government turned up in the High Court and asked to be permitted to join a case as a 'friend of the court' (amicus).

If accepted (and it would be quite the court who would decline such a friendship, when offered) the United States could end up directly pleading for the adequacy of EU citizens data protections in its surveillance legislation in front of the EU's top court in Luxembourg.
Its reception will be one of the most significant moments in EU/US relations, and the development of what will be normal in the digital world-

Panopticon, or privacy?