The Gist: UK's 800 minutes of Irish Oppression, Royal Excuses, Wallfallen Schools

The Gist: UK's 800 minutes of Irish Oppression, Royal Excuses, Wallfallen Schools
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UK, longing to be a nation once again
The UK Prime Minister, who is still Theresa May at time of writing, announced a new plan to deal with the fact that, apparently, nobody in charge of the Brexit project noticed that Ireland was a different country. And that now that they know, they are none to happy about the consequences.
This plan is, basically, that the EU join the UK in pretending that all the previous plans and agreements (backstops, sequencing of negotiations etc) just didn't happen.
Time, as always, will tell whether this plan is successful or joins all of the UK government's previous plans in a sort of hot compost heap of shredded dreams of Empire.

Saudi crown prince explains it all
Ah, you see, this was all just here when I got here. And I've only just noticed it now. Before you pointed it out, I thought it was a work of conceptual art. And I also hadn't noticed it. And, now that I think of it, I think it was done by my friend who just died.

Wallfallen Schools
Builders the Dept of Education is suing for not building four schools properly also built tens of other schools. Turns out they're not super either. "Ties that fix the exterior walls to interior walls were inadequate" as RTE helpfully described one of the problems
That seems not great for buildings full of children.

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