Weekend Gist: G20, Pride(s), Shockin' Hot

Weekend Gist: G20, Pride(s), Shockin' Hot

Back now , for the moment. On we go.

G20: Occidental Winners
After discovering that putting tariffs on Chinese goods led to China putting tarrifs on US goods, the US president demonstrated his mastery of dealmaking by reversing himself, and declaring himself the winner of the whole thing at the G20 summit.

Dublin saw two Pride parades today- with the main march becoming a sort of festival of mainstream acceptance/co-opting and an alternative demo which worked hard to remind that Pride was created to protest, not pander.
Undoubtedly, the biggest winner was Pennys, who became the unofficial supplier of reinbow themed wearables to the entire city.

Shockin' Hot
So hot. Just, you know, sweaty and hot. And that was Ireland. On the continent, it was insanely hot. The hottest day on record in France. Newspapers report that in Champagne, they're worried that the consistant change in climate is making the grapes too sweet and the wine too syrupy. This feels like sitting inside a melting nuclear reactor plant and complaining about the sound of the alarm.

Hot day