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Weekend News In Gist

Broken Britain, Sky-Hole

Broken Britain,
After so many years of talking about it, UK newspapers have finally Broken Britain. But, as Boris was knifed by human-guppie hybrid Michael Gove we can't even look forward to the sight of the heir-apparent squandering his unearned chance. Gove, who once denounced the Good Friday Agreement, has achieved something nobody thought possible by finding a level of personal objectionability that repulses Conservative Party MPs.

Theresa May, who as Home Secretary paid for a billboard to drive around London telling immigrants to go home, is now seen as the more palatable alternative.

Labour has gone insane just when we needed them not to. From the looks of it, this will be the gist of every Labour-related report for the foreseeable future.


Good news everyone! Remember the hole in the Ozone layer we all heard about in the 1990s? Well, it looks like the world actually did something positive for a change with an international treaty banning use of CFCs. This year, as the CFC intensity reduced, the Ozone hole has started to shrink.

Downside is, we invented things called HFCs to replace the CFCs, which were fine for the Ozone layer but also turn out to have been the fastest rising source of greenhouse gases in the EU.

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