Counting to Two, Free Money, Bins

Counting to Two, Free Money, Bins

Counting to Two
Britain has voted and they're counting all the bits of paper. If you're reading this in the morning, sure, you'll know better than me what happened. If not, go off to bed.
The whole thing was still mad.

Free Money
There was a great story about a fella at an ATM that started giving out free money. He gave it back when the police were called, but was prosecuted anyway. The court directed that he not be convicted as the prosecution had charged him with taking the money from a thing that, it turned out, they didn't prove existed.

Suffering from post-Water trauma, the Gov suddenly realised that Phil Hogan had left them another gift- a bin charge mess. Solution: Let's just not do that for a year and then, you know, maybe it will all be better then.

Ireland is familiar with the standard of debate in an EU Referendum

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