Fascists, Football, Failure

Fascists, Football, Failure

Turns out a man who's accused of murdering an MP while shouting "Britain First" may turn out to be a subscriber to fascist magazines, to behave like a fascist and assert his name is "“Death to traitors, freedom for Britain”" when asked it in court.

These facts suggest there are reasonable grounds to think Jo Cox MP may have been killed by a fascist. What's surprising is that there was quite an effort being made to deny the killing any political meaning in bits of the UK press.

Until the "Death to traitors, freedom for Britain" bit. That sort of puts the kibosh on that.

Ireland lost 3-0 to Belgium. Irish fan status: still gas.

Rio is hosting the 2016 Olympic Games. By way of an FYI to the world, it's declared a state of "total collapse of public security, health, education, transport and environmental management".

Now, not being familiar with the social affairs of Rio, this sort of statement might be just business as usual, but it does hint that the Olympics may have a few hiccups to come.

Meanwhile, Belgium's police arrested a bunch of people they said wanted to kill people at the Euros and there were a bunch of, um, issues around Azerbaijan's hosting of a F1 race thing.

Hopefully, international sport will have a better time of it next week.

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