Mass murder, Mass media,

Mass murder, Mass media,

Mass murder
A gay club in Florida during Pride, running a Latino night. A man whose father said he got angry when he saw two men kissing. He had already come to the attention of the FBI as potentially violent but could still buy multiple weapons of mass murder. Dozens of people who were planning on having some fun on a night out now won't come home because being gay is still enough to provoke haters to violence.

That's what we do know. The worst mass murder shooting yet in the US, attacking a traditionally oppressed minority. Gays during Pride joining black congregations in church and children at school as preferred targets of people who like the idea of killing lots of people.

Mass Media
There's also a wall of things we're being told, but which fluctuate and shift as the hours pass. This is where the Internet- and particularly social media- is at its weakest and traditional news sources who keep to journalistic traditions of checking facts before reporting on them and choosing to only report on what is relevant about an event. Basically, having an editor is a critical part of reporting on fast breaking news stories.

Some editors are better than others of course so it's perfectly OK to simply wait for clarity on an event to crystallise, instead of trying to catch each twist and turn.

Aside: If your public response to mass murder starts "Appreciate the congrats..." you probably aren't ready to have a public response yet.

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