The Gist: Ill behaviour, Leo left on read

Virus response kicks up a gear, SF not in a rush to return FG text

The Gist: Ill behaviour, Leo left on read

There’s a bunch of problems arising out of our Coronavirus issue. Mostly, that I have to spend hours in rooms full of barristers- famous for their fondness for ski trips to the Italian Alps.


With the political system effectively AWOL, it has fallen to the officials of the State to meet the challenge of minimising a pandemic.

The Chief Medical Officer made some reassurance statements yesterday and today before the 2nd case was confirmed the Dept of Health arranged for some good info to be delivered through the low-Fi medium of whiteboard stickmen.

Basically- you’ve got to be within 2 metres of a sick person for 15 minutes to be at high risk of infection. Most people who do get it, will get a mild dose. Washing hands 5-10 times a day is the best step to stop the spread.

Stocks continued weakly (hand cream manufacturers presumably excepted) and the US Fed cut interest rates, just on general principles.

Call me, Call me on my mobile

FG are emerging from their tent, like Achilles stomping out after a massive sulk and blinking in the daylight.

More meetings with FF that they are pretending aren’t about coalition.

More intriguing is the fact that Leo Vardakar texted Mary Lou McDonald of SF looking to open a line of communication. She acknowledged she got it, but not that she’d replied. We can only imagine Leo’s feelings as his blue tick turned to Read, but reply came there none.