The Gist: Party political shorts

One week on, a very very brief overview on where the parties stand

The Gist: Party political shorts

It’s seven days since the election and we’re drifting through the weekend. Little enough has been settled this week and of the positions that have been adopted, it’s hard to know how many of them will remain unaltered after TDs start showing their hands at the first vote for Taoiseach next Thursday.

Maybe a very gisty roundup.


Won the most seats, may lose most from the result.


Lost the election, but knows it was right and the voters will soon see. Oh, they’ll see.


Lost seats, lost leader, currently just lost.


Everyone’s favourite party to make up the numbers. Leaders may face restive members.

Social Democrats

A party that’s become more than the sum of its parts. Plays well with others.


Look, I’m not a Kremlinologist, but it was a good outing for them, as the second most popular choice for SF voters.

Sinn Féin

Won most votes, won stacks of seats but now has to win over other parties. It’s proving hard.

Next: Looking like FF/FG but nothing’s finished yet. Surprising how much of a part Micheál Martin’s rather prickly personality is playing in discussions.

Photo: cc by Red Mum