The Gist: Royal Special Edition

Royals in Ireland! Whatever can it mean?

The Gist: Royal Special Edition

Sparing us all more talk about the slow-motion unfolding of the Coronavirus situation, let’s a have a bit of a chat about the Windsors.

Brexit and the Damage done

Prince William and Kate Middleton (as was) continued their haunt around bits of Ireland. It’s all Vision, no Sound in these kinds of trips. The appearance of the royals popping in for a pint, or taking a hike up  Howth or scratching Bród’s ears in the Áras. The look of the thing is what matters, not whether they say anything beyond safe platitudes.

These visits are deployed as joint strategic interventions by the UK and our Dept of Foreign Affairs.

Basically, after years of Brexit-yodelling reaching our unwelcome ears, the people of Ireland have found their patience with the English a bit… tested. The UK knows it, at least in some desperate, still-functioning Foreign Office room, barricaded with desks against the door in case a Minister tries to visit

So, with another round of critical talks looming, where Ireland will again wield disproportionate power over the shape of the outcome, the UK are trying something new.

Following years where starvation of the Irish people has been openly discussed as public policy, they’ve decided that perhaps some goodwill wouldn’t go amiss.

Ireland- from England- seems sexy and young so we’ve been sent the A-List Young Royals. (The bit that didn’t quit and move to Canada).

Meanwhile Michael D makes a speech about the warmth between the two countries and the Taoiseach does similar.
Ireland, despite everything (oh, so much everything) is still economically and socially entwined with the UK.

The UK’s elected gov, of course, seeks to make up in stupidity what it lacks in charm. It’s hard to tell what long term consequence there might be from this trip after the next genius outburst from a Minister.

But, after the threats to Ireland of the last round failed so dramatically, they will expect the Windsor’s to play their part.dows

They won’t,  but the Irish Gov will release papers as part of the new low-information approamemt.