Turkey murders, UK flailing, Bin sneaks

Turkey murders, UK flailing, Bin sneaks

Turkey murders
People shot travellers and then blew themselves up in Turkey’s main international airport killing 28 people who just wanted to get somewhere or do their job. This is just one of those rote stories now, because you can’t really stop people from doing this every time they try it and the pattern is the same. We all just have to play the odds that we won’t be the people caught on the day it happens. Everything else is security theatre.

UK flailing
Nope, they still have no idea what they’re going to do now. The Labour MPs overwhelmingly voted no confidence in Corbyn , who basically said ‘so what. I’m just going to sit here.’ Farage made a show of himself in the EuroParliament, prompting the head of the EU commission Juncker to also make a different kind of a show of himself. Rupert Murdoch came out for Boris for PM. Osborne said he thought he’d have to raise taxes and cut spending in aftermath of the mad vote. I mean, look there’s hardly a bright spot anywhere. There was a big march in London, but someone’s still going to have to get Labour back functioning and make it run on ‘Back In’ ticket to fix this.

Bin sneaks,
Greyhound, the unlovely firm Dublin City Council sold all its bin customers to suddenly, are attempting to evade the spirit of the Gov’s plan to freeze the pay by weight plan for a year by just switching everyone to pay by weight unless they opt out by 1st August. (their site has no opt out mentioned on it). This will be a big problem for the Government who will get it in the neck from the lots and lots of Dubliners who will find out about this in their first August bill.


Here, a reminder that there's more than one Britain: https://youtu.be/EfuKjVBkL3U

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